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          China Oceanic Development Foundation Donated a Marine Library at Jinggangshan Middle School
          date:2017-10-24   from:CODF   author:Original

          On October 19th, the Ocean Library Donation Ceremony and the “National Marine Awareness Education Base” awarding ceremony were held at Jinggangshan Middle School, which marked the official establishment of the Ocean Library in Jinggangshan Middle School. President of the China Ocean Development Education Foundation Sun Zhihui, deputy president Lv Bin, assistant president Pan Xinchun, Secretary General Ke Wei, Deputy Director of the State Oceanic Administration Propaganda and Education Center Wang Zhong, Mayor of Ji'an City Wang Shaoxuan, Standing Committee of Ji'an Municipal Committee, Propaganda Minister Liu Lanfang, Director of Ji'an Municipal Education Bureau Zhang Wan'an, Director of Jinggangshan Administration Bureau, Jiao Xuejun, Mayor of Jinggangshan City, Liu Fuming, Director of Jinggangshan Education Bureau, Xie Jianguo, President of Jinggangshan Middle School, and representatives of teachers and students of the school attended the event. Zhou Zhiping, member of the Standing Committee of Jinggangshan Municipal Committee and Minister of Propaganda, presided over the ceremony.


          Sun Zhihui, president of the China Oceanic Development Foundation(CODF), and Wang Shaoxuan, mayor of Ji'an City, jointly unveiled the Jinggangshan Marine Library. Pan Xinchun, assistant president of CODF, donated 200,000 yuan worth of books to Jinggangshan Middle School on behalf of the China Oceanic Development Foundation. Wang Zhong, deputy director of the Publicity and Education Center of the State Oceanic Administration, read the decision to award the title of “National Marine Awareness Education Base” to Jinggangshan Middle School, and jointly unveiled the base with President Xie Jianguo.

          Lv Bin, the deputy president of CODF, delivered a speech at the ceremony. He pointed out that building a "marine library", actively promoting marine awareness education, and vigorously popularizing marine science knowledge are important areas for CODF to carry out marine public welfare activities. It is hoped that Jinggangshan Middle School will take the opportunity of the “Ocean Library” construction and the “National Marine Awareness Education Base” to promote the basic education of marine science and realize the goal of “entering the teaching materials, entering the classroom and entering the campus”. Lv Bin put forward several expectations for the marine awareness education and marine knowledge popularization in Jinggangshan. First, promote the organic integration of marine knowledge education and school teaching. The second is to actively promote the entry of marine culture into the campus. The third is to give full play to the influence and role of the “marine library”. He hope that the students of Jinggangshan Middle School can find their own interests in the ocean book, conduct in-depth research, and strive to become a useful talent for building a maritime power. At the same time, Lv Bin said that CODF will continue to donate to the Ocean Library of Jinggangshan Middle School, so that teachers and students of Jinggangshan Middle School can see the latest and most professional marine books in time.

          Jiao Xuejun, the mayor of Jinggangshan City, said at the ceremony that CODF donated the “Ocean Library” and established the “National Marine Awareness Education Base” to broaden the horizons of children in Dashan, understand marine knowledge, enhance marine awareness, and promote Quality education has a positive role to play. The education department of Jinggangshan City will give full play to the role of “marine library” and marine awareness education base, strengthen marine awareness education, popularize marine knowledge, spread marine culture, and use this as an opportunity to guide students to develop a good love of reading and learning habits, comprehensively enhance students' reading and knowledge, help students broaden their hobbies, cultivate a group of excellent students with excellent academic performance, and actively transport talents for the construction of a marine power.

          President Xie Jianguo said that the strengthening of marine awareness education will be a compulsory course for personnel training, and efforts will be made to contribute to the development of the marine industry of the motherland.

          Liu Fuming, director of the Education Bureau of Jinggangshan City, delivered a speech and highly praised Jinggangshan Middle School for attaching great importance to students' marine awareness education. He also expressed sincere gratitude to the National Oceanic Administration for helping the well-being of Jinggangshan.

          Building a maritime power is one of the important strategic tasks put forward by the party's 18th National Congress report. Since its inception, CODF has been developing its business philosophy of “going to the sea, working together in the same boat, developing blue, and enriching the sea”, with the goal of “building a beautiful ocean, enhancing ocean power, building a harmonious ocean, and safeguarding the rights and interests of the sea”. Promote various public welfare activities. The establishment of the “Ocean Library” of Jinggangshan Middle School marks an important step for CODF to enhance public awareness of the ocean. CODF hopes to establish a “marine library” in Jinggangshan Middle School, so that students can understand the ocean, pay attention to the ocean, learn marine knowledge, and grow up to be the pillar of building a strong ocean.

          After the completion of the Ocean Library of Jinggangshan Middle School, it has special significance for promoting the school's marine awareness education and even the marine awareness education of Jinggangshan and the close proximity of the young people in the inland areas to the ocean, popularizing marine knowledge and enhancing public awareness of the ocean.

          (Source of the manuscript: Figure / text CODF)

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