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          Guarding the Beautiful Beaches Together
          date:2018-09-21   from:CODF   author:Original

          During the 33rd International Coastal Cleaning Day on September 15th, the China Oceanic Development Foundation(CODF) organized the 2018 National coastal cleanup Charity event with the theme of “Guarding the Beautiful Beaches Together”. Under the strong support of the National Marine Environmental Monitoring Center and the coastal marine authorities at all levels, this activity has united the major coastal marine social welfare organizations across the country, aiming to thoroughly implement the internship of General Secretary Xi Jinping's ecological civilization construction ideas, and to gather the society's love for the public. We will strengthen the awareness of the protection of the marine resources and the environment, and thus improve the "face value" of China's ocean beaches and enhance the value of China's marine resources.

          The event has the characteristics of large-scale organization, unified technical means, strong overall activities, and extensive media coverage. On the 15th, the two main venues, Sanya and Dalian, took the lead in kicking off the 2018 National coastal cleanup public welfare activities. The enthusiasm of the coastal cleanup activities was quickly ignited in more than 30 major coastal provinces and cities nationwide. In addition to the delay because of the typhoon weather in some cities such as Shenzhen, more than 20,000 volunteers from more than 30 venues across the country carried out coastal cleanup activities at the same time.

          The launching ceremony of the main venue in Sanya was held in Sanya Dadonghai Square. Pan Xinchun, Secretary General of CODF, Li Xiangmin, Deputy Director of the Hainan Provincial Department of Oceans and Fisheries, and Deputy Secretary-General E Libin of the Sanya Municipal People's Government delivered speeches respectively to Hainan Province. The policies and actions to prevent and control marine litter pollution were introduced, and an initiative was launched to make a joint effort by Hainan’s non-governmental forces to prevent and control marine litter.

          The launching ceremony of the main venue in Dalian was held at the beach of Fujiazhuang Park. The Secretary of the Party Committee of the National Marine Environmental Monitoring Center, Ji Jixue, and the Deputy Secretary General of CODF, Xiang Youquan attended the launching ceremony and delivered speeches.

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