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          The Sixth Session of the First Council of China Oceanic Development Foundation was Held in Beijing
          date:2018-10-10   from:CODF   author:Original

          On September 28, 2018, the China Oceanic Development Foundation(CODF) held the sixth session of the first council in Beijing. Sun Zhihui, President of CODF, Lu Bin, Deputy President of CODF, and Xu Keqiang, Deputy General Manager of China National Offshore Oil Corporation, Shi Bing, Deputy General Manager of China General Nuclear Power Group, Zhou Jingbo, Assistant President of China Communications Construction, attended the meeting.

          President Sun Zhihui made a report on the work of CODF at the meeting. He reported on the work of CODF under the leadership of the Ministry of Natural Resources in 2018 and analyzed the current situation and put forward the main tasks in the future.

          The meeting reviewed and approved the “China Oceanic Development Foundation 2017 Financial Final Report”, the “Resolution on Amending the Articles of Association”, the “Resolution on Amending the Information Disclosure Measures”, the “Resolution on Establishing the Marine Spatial Planning and Research Institute”, and “About Issues such as the resolution to establish a special fund for marine spatial planning and the draft resolution on personnel adjustment.

          Deputy president Lv Bin made a concluding speech. At the meeting, the governors, supervisors and representatives fully affirmed the achievements of CODF in the first half of 2018 and put forward many constructive opinions on the development of CODF. Participants said that the work of CODF should serve and obey the strategy of accelerating the construction of a maritime power. It must actively carry out the construction of special funds for enterprises, assist enterprises to fulfill their environmental protection responsibilities, build an international blue industry alliance, and help Chinese enterprises to go global.

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