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          The Symposium on Marine Spatial Planning was Successfully Held in Tianjin
          date:2018-12-08   from:CODF   author:Original

          The very date of December 2th,2018 has witnessed the Symposium on Marine Spatial Planning in Tianjin hosted and operated respectively by China Oceanic Development Foundation (CODF) and National Ocean Technology Center (NOTC). Sun Zhihui, President of CODF, Lu Bin, deputy President of CODF, and Pan Xinchun, Secretary General of CODF, all attended the meeting. More than 150 leaders and experts from first-class universities like Tsinghua University, Peking University, Xiamen University, Ocean University of China and other related universities, marine research institutions and central enterprises were invited to attend the conference. The purpose of the meeting is to deepen the study of theories, systems, methods and paths of marine spatial planning, accelerate the international cooperation with the marine spatial planning of countries along the Silk Road and the island countries, and conspire with the construction and development of Marine Space Planning Research Institute of CODF. Academic seminars are divided into special reports and group seminars.

          Li Tiegang, director of the First Institute of Oceanography of the Ministry of Natural Resources, presided over a special report. Ten famous experts and scholars from the field of marine spatial planning in China made wonderful speeches.

          At the group seminar, the participating experts were divided into three groups, focusing on “the research and development of the land spatial planning system in the marine field”, “International cooperation in marine spatial planning with countries along the Maritime Silk Road and island countries” and “Investigation of Marine Space Planning Research Institute”. The three issues of "construction and development issues" have their own opinions and actively contribute ideas and suggestions.

          Experts believe that Marine Space Planning Research Institute should make full use of the advantage in its platform, attract experts and scholars in various fields, connect with national strategies, do a good job in land and sea planning, etc.; combine economic planning with marine spatial planning; Plan relevant legislation and theoretical research; carry out medium and long-term training programs, cultivating international talents; increase the intensity of going global, paying equal attention to both large and small projects; build a coastline with international reputation based on the concept of ecological environmental protection; give full play to the role of Marine Space Planning Research Institute to actively provide advice to government authorities.

          The symposium was fruitful and provided more vision and work ideas for the future development direction and work content of the Marine Spatial Planning Institute, which opened a good start.

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