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          The Symposium Organized by the Marine Public Welfare Organization Held Successfully in Beijing
          date:2019-07-03   from:CODF   author:Original

          In order to exchange experiences in conducting marine public welfare activities and improve the quality of marine public welfare activities, on June 25, 2019, the China Oceanic Development Foundation organized the first marine public welfare forum in Beijing. The leaders of a total of 12 marine non-profit organizations from 11 provinces and cities along the coast participated in the meeting to share the development of the organization's marine public welfare activities and put forward suggestions for the joint action of clean beaches in 2019. Pan Xinchun, the secretary general of China Oceanic Development Foundation, attended the meeting and delivered a speech, and the Deputy Secretary General Xiang Youquan chaired the meeting.

          The picture shows the scene of the meeting

          At the beginning of the symposium, the Secretary General Pan Xinchun welcomed and thanked the participants. He gave a detailed introduction to the basic situation of the Foundation and the main work currently carried out, and put forward specific opinions and views on beach clean-up activities and marine public welfare undertakings.

          The picture shows the speech made by the Secretary General Pan Xinchun

          The picture shows the meeting chaired by the Deputy Secretary General of the Foundation Xiang Youquan

          During the experience sharing session, the heads of the participating marine public welfare Organizations introduced the basic situation, development status, and the development of the core business of beach cleaning activities of the Organization, focusing on sharing the experience gained during the development of clean beach activities. Through sharing, everyone gained a lot of information on the construction of public welfare Organizations, innovation of public welfare activities, and media promotion, etc., gained a lot of good experiences and practices, and got in-depth inspiration.

          The picture shows the participants sharing experience

          The picture shows the participants sharing experience

          During the discussion and exchanges, Zhang Maodong, the business director of the Foundation, first introduced the overall plan of this year's clean beach activities. Subsequently, various units put forward many constructive ideas and suggestions on the clean beach activity plan.

          This forum has achieved fruitful results. Marine public welfare organizations in various places have reached consensus on deepening cooperation and carrying out joint beach cleanup actions, providing more perspectives and ideas for the innovation and development of marine public welfare undertakings across the country, and opening a good chapter for the national marine public welfare forces to seek a new situation in marine public welfare.

          The picture shows the participants taking a group photo

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