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          Guarding the beautiful shoreline, We act together. The 3rd National Clean Beach Public Welfare Event in 2019
          date:2019-09-20   from:CODF   author:Original

          In order to decorate the beautiful coastline, the China Oceanic Development Foundation  (hereinafter referred to as the "Foundation") hosted the 3rd National Clean Beach Public Welfare Activity in 2019 with the theme of " We act together Guarding the Beautiful Coastline" during the "34th International Beach Cleaning Day" and "China Charity Day" on September 8. Under the guidance of the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Ministry of Civil Affairs, and with the strong support of relevant departments at all levels along the coast, this event united major coastal public welfare organizations, including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, by bringing together the public welfare forces for Social Love of Sea, jointly launch an initiative to protect the ocean, we call on all people to join the marine volunteer team, thereby forming a good situation for the whole society to promote the construction of marine ecological civilization.

          This year, the Foundation launched a joint action initiative in the coastal provinces and cities across the country, which quickly received the response and support of major marine public welfare organizations around the country. The size of the cities participating in this joint beach cleanup activity has been further increased. On the day of the event on September 8, Dalian, Qingdao, and Shenzhen, the three main venues sounded the starting gun for the third national clean beach public welfare event in 2019, and then the enthusiasm of clean beach activities quickly spread in the major coastal provinces and cities nationwide. Except for some cities such as Ningbo, which were postponed due to typhoon weather, more than 20,000 volunteers from 40 cities across the country carried out clean beach activities at the same time.

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          linked cities
          Number of
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          clean beaches
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          garbage weight

          The launching ceremony of Qingdao main venue was held at Qingdao First Beach. The Chairman of the Foundation Sun Zhihui, the Deputy Secretary-General Xiang Youquan, the former Director of the North Sea Branch of the State Oceanic Administration Teng Zhengguang, the Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the North Sea Branch of the State Oceanic Administration Teng Zuwen, the Director of the Science and Technology Division of the North Sea Bureau of the Ministry of Natural Resources Lu Hongxia, the Deputy Director of Qingdao Ocean Development Bureau Wu Shengbo and other leaders attended the live event.

          Qingdao Main Venue

          Launching Ceremony of Qingdao Main Venue

          The launching ceremony of the main venue in Shenzhen was held in Dameisha Beach Park, Yantian District, Shenzhen. Lu Bin, the vice chairman of the Foundation, Luo Yi, the deputy director of Yantian District, Shenzhen, and Jiang Wenqing, the Director of Yantian authority of Shenzhen Municipal Eco-Environmental Protection Bureau and other leaders attended the live event.

          Shenzhen Main Venue

          Launching Ceremony of Shenzhen Main Venu

          The launching ceremony of Dalian main venue was held at Fujiazhuang Park Beach. Pan Xinchun, the Secretary General of the Foundation, Zhang Zhifeng, the Deputy Director of the National Marine Environment Monitoring Center of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, and Zhang Haibing, the Deputy Secretary General of the Dalian Municipal People's Government and the Director of the Dalian Ecological Environment Bureau attended the event.

          Dalian Main Venue

          Launching Ceremony of Dalian Main Venue


          Yingkou Branch Venue, Liaoning


          Panjin Branch Venue, Liaoning


          Jinzhou Branch Venue, Liaoning


          Tianjin Branch Venue


          Huludao Branch Venue, Liaoning


          Dongying Branch Venue, Shandong


          Weihai Branch Venue, Shandong


          Rizhao Branch Venue, Shandong


          Lianyungang Branch Venue, Jiangsu


          Qidong Branch Venue, Jiangsu


          Fuzhou Branch Venue, Fujian


          Beihai Branch Venue, Guangxi


          Sanya Branch Venue, Hainan


          Danzhou Branch Venue, Hainan


          Haikou Branch Venue, Hainan


          Qinhuangdao Branch Venue, Hebei

          List of linked cities:

          LiaoningDalianDalian Environmental Protection Volunteer Association
          PanjinPanjin Black-billed Gull Conservation Association
          JinzhouJinzhou Star Fire Love Association
          HuludaoHuludao Wildlife and Plant and Wetland Conservation Association
          YingkouYingkou Bayuquan Dalian Environmental Protection Volunteer Team
          Hebei QinhuangdaoQinhuangdao Entrepreneurs Association
          TianjinTianjinTianjin Green Friends Ecological Culture Promotion Association
          Shandong QingdaoQingdao Minchao Marine Education Center, Blue Ribbon Marine Environmental Protection Association
          YantaiBlue Ribbon Marine Conservation Society of Ocean College of Yantai University
          WeihaiHuayi Social Work Service Center, Huancui District, Weihai City
          DongyingXingfuli Social Work Service Center, Dongying City
          RizhaoLandao Fishery Co., Ltd. ,Rizhao City
          Jiangsu LianyungangLianyungang Clean Coast Volunteer Service Center, Lianyungang City
          QidongQidong City Environmental Protection Volunteer Association,Qidong City
          ShanghaiShanghaiHand in Hand Shanghai Volunteer Service Center
          Zhejiang ZhoushanZhejiang Green Technology Culture Promotion Association
          NingboGuangdong Midea Property Management Co., Ltd. Ningbo Branch
          Fujian FuzhouFujian Environmental Protection Volunteer Association
          GuangdongShenzhenShenzhen Blue Marine Environmental Protection Association
          GuangzhouGreen World Conservation Center, Huangpu District, Guangzhou
          ZhuhaiGuangzhou Pincheng Information Technology Co., Ltd
          HuizhouGuangdong Daya Bay Aquatic Resources Provincial Nature Protection Management Office
          ZhongshanZhongshan Neighborhood Social Work Service Center
          GuangxiBeihaiBeihai Civil Volunteer Association
          HainanHaikouHainan Blue Ribbon Marine Environmental Protection Association
          SanyaSanya Blue Ribbon Marine Protection Association
          DanzhouHainan Blue Ribbon Marine Environmental Protection Association
          SanshaHainan Blue Ribbon Marine Environmental Protection Association
          Hong KongHong KongEcological Education and Resource Center
          MacaoMacaoMacau's Green Future
          TaiwanMatsuLianjiang County (Matsu) Retired Civil Servants and Retired Teachers Association


          Dear friends who love the ocean:

          China is a large maritime country, with vast sea areas, long coastlines, rich marine resources, and diverse marine life. With the continuous advancement of China's maritime power and the general promotion of the marine consciousness of the whole people, the protection of marine resources and the environment and the construction of a marine ecological civilization have reached widespread consensus in all sectors of society.

          In recent years, China has made many achievements in the construction of marine ecological civilization. However, affected by many factors such as concepts, management, and markets, the marine situation is still grim. The pressure on the development of marine resources is still high, the problems of marine ecology and the environment are still relatively prominent, and rare and endangered marine organisms lack comprehensive protection. These issues affect the hearts of each of us who love the sea.

          The construction of marine ecological civilization is always on the way. Protecting the marine resources and environment requires the joint efforts of all sectors of society. In order to protect the blue ocean and the future of mankind, we have launched the following initiatives in conjunction with many marine non-profit organizations along the coast:

          We call on all types of marine non-profit organizations to fully implement the important functions of serving the government, connecting with society, and uniting the public in accordance with the spirit of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on the construction of marine ecological civilization and the unified deployment of marine space governance by the Ministry of Natural Resources, widely publicize the concept and consciousness of marine ecological civilization, and actively organize marine public welfare actions, so that more people can see our actions and listen to our voices.

          We call on friends from all walks of life and the majority of people who love the sea to start on their own, whether they are on the coast or the mainland. From now on, do not discard garbage to the ocean, do not harm or consume protected marine life, pay close attention to marine ecological problems, actively participate in beach cleaning operations, do a good job of garbage classification, and let more people participate in marine public welfare activities, guarding the beautiful ocean together.

          For our oceans, our future, and to protect the last resources of humankind and the homes on which we depend, we call on everyone to join hands and cherish marine resources, protect the marine ecological environment, cherish marine life, and start from small things around us , Join the ranks of marine volunteers, and invest in the protection of blue homes!

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