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          Gather forces to innovate and serve the society to make more contributions
          date:2021-02-25   from:CODF   author:Original

          The working meeting of the Secretariat of China Oceanic Development Foundation was held in Beijing on February 23rd, 2021. The main contents of the meeting are to study and follow out the spirit of the National Natural Resources Work Conference in 2021 and the spirit of the first meeting of the second council of China Oceanic Development Foundation, to implement the instructions of President Lv Bin on the work of China Oceanic Development Foundation, and to study and refine the work tasks of the Foundation in 2021 organized and implemented by the Secretariat. The meeting was presided over by Deputy Secretary-General Xiang Youquan, and the heads of the Secretariat, Finance Department, Maritime Silk Road Department, Blue Economy Department, Resources and Ecology Department, Science, Education and Culture Department of the Foundation and the Secretariat of Marine Spatial Planning Academy introduced the detailed plans of the works they undertake, and the heads of the Business Department and Sea Area Office of National Ocean Technology Center, Division of Marine Policy and Planning, Division of Marine Economy and Spatial Planning Office of the National Marine Data and Information Service introduced related work. Pan Xinchun, Deputy President and Secretary-General, commented on the work plan introduced by each person and put forward clear and specific requirements and suggestions.

          The picture shows the working meeting of the Secretariat of China Oceanic Development Foundation

          At the conclusion of the meeting, Pan Xinchun put forward three requirements for the work of the Secretariat: First, to enhance their political stance, serve the national strategy and do a good job. The key projects identified by the Foundation are determined by adhering to the guidance of Xi Jinping's Thought of Socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, taking the construction of a Marine Potestatem as fundamental duty and mission, and actively docking and assisting the implementation of national strategic tasks, including not only projects that contribute to the construction of the Belt and Road Initiative, the establishment of blue partnerships and the deep participation in global ocean governance but also also projects that promote the construction of marine ecological civilization, popularize marine knowledge and train young talents, expand domestic demand and develop marine economy with high quality, as well as projects that publicize marine achievements and tell Chinese marine stories well, and build high-end platforms to promote marine international exchanges and cooperation. It is of great significance to do a good job in these areas. All the staff of the Secretariat should enhance their political stance, improve their sense of responsibility and mission to do a good job, organically integrate doing a good job with showing their talents, creating value, career promotion and living happily, work actively and creatively to fulfill their duties and take responsibilities, accomplish their tasks well, and show the new era style of the staff of the Secretariat of the Foundation.

          Second, to improve the overall efficiency of the Foundation's work. As there are hundreds of large and small projects led and funded by the Foundation, it is necessary to integrate and classify key projects, make overall plans and arrangements, and give full play to comprehensive functions to improve overall benefits. All of these can be considered to be divided into eight major projects. The first project is the Maritime Silk Road Project that "promotes marine spatial planning to contribute to the development of blue economy", which mainly includes funding 18 countries along the Maritime Silk Road to prepare marine spatial planning and assisting them to train marine management talents, to formulate marine governance systems, and to build marine management information systems, helping Chinese enterprises go global and contributing to the marine economic development in Maritime Silk Road countries; The second project is the Bridge and Link Project that "gathers marine high-tech resources to contribute to the high-quality economic development", which mainly includes using the working mechanism platform of Blue Economy International Alliance to cooperate with world-renowned chambers of commerce, mainstream investment institutions, opinion leaders of marine economy and governments of more than 30 large and medium-sized coastal cities in China, and publishing the Investment Information on High-quality Development of Marine Economy in China's Coastal Cities and Report on High-quality Development of Marine Economy in China's Coastal Cities to the world in a targeted, holding high-end forums on marine economy between China and foreign countries, and building platforms for cooperation and investment development between Chinese and foreign marine industries to precisely match the marine economic development needs of more than 30 large and medium-sized coastal cities in China, etc; The third project is the Dialogue and Exchange Project that "builds a high-end marine communication platform to enhance China's marine speech rights", which mainly includes hosting the "Asia-Pacific Maritime Navigation Safety Forum", "Pacific Islands Development and Ocean Governance Forum", "Marine Space Planning and Blue Economy Development Seminar for Countries along Maritime Silk Road and Island States 2021", participating in the host of "Ocean Cooperation and Governance Forum", "Sustainable Ocean Forum", "BBNJ International Symposium" and "China-Europe International Seminar on Ocean and Law of the Sea", etc; The fourth project is the Consultation and Suggestion Project of "focusing on major marine issues to assist the construction of marine governance system", which mainly includes the construction of marine legal system and marine spatial planning system, the expansion of domestic demand and marine economy, as well as the marine ecological security, marine culture along the Maritime Silk Road, Northeast Asia Marine Economic Circle, the practices of the UN Law of the Sea on the marine powers, and marine rights and cooperation, etc; The fifth project is the Sea Rights Education Project that "preaches knowledge about marine rights and diplomacy to stimulate college students' maritime national sentiment", which mainly includes co-sponsoring a series of lectures on marine-related diplomacy knowledge held in dozens of universities every year with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Education, selecting dozens of outstanding students to visit Xisha Islands and Nansha Islands and to receive training on marine law and rights knowledge; The sixth project is the Marine Talents-Training Project that "donates marine libraries and trains young talents", which mainly includes giving full play to the function of marine knowledge platforms of marine libraries donated by the Foundation in 38 middle schools in old revolutionary base areas and poverty alleviation areas across the country, and promoting "three in and one result" in which "three in" means marine books in schoolbags, marine teaching in courses, marine scores in credits, and "one result" means that talents are trained to be enrolled in marine majors in the universities. In addition, the project will also organize students from 38 middle schools to carry out marine knowledge competitions (including quiz, painting, handwork, writing, speeches, performances, etc.), speech competitions on marine teaching for teachers, lectures by marine experts, marine knowledge training for teachers, and marine teaching seminar for secondary school principals. It will establish and implement the reward system in the schools whose marine libraries are donated by the Foundation, giving a one-time reward to the students who are admitted to the marine majors of marine colleges; The seventh project is the Ecological Construction Project of "guarding the beautiful shoreline, we act together", which mainly includes organizing the national beach cleanup activities (live performances, keynote speeches, exhibitions in objects and pictures, on-site lectures by experts, collecting beach garbage and communicating with tourists by volunteers, etc) in more than 40 cities along the coast of China in mid-September every year, conducting ecological restoration (including restoration of seawalls, beaches and mangroves, etc.) of relevant sea areas in Ningde, studying and demonstrating the ecological restoration of relevant sea areas in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Great Bay Area, and funding and guiding more than 40 local marine public welfare organizations to carry out marine ecological civilization construction; The eighth project is the Marine Culture Project that "publicizes the achievements of marine civilization and tells the stories of China's sea", which mainly includes organizing a series of reports on "Publicity of Marine-Related Cooperation Achievements between China and its Neighboring Countries", hosting a series of activities to publicize Chinese marine stories, and co-hosting the National Competition on Marine Culture in the form of convergence media and the National University & Middle School Students Marine Culture Design Contest, etc.

          Third, to improve the professional level and execution ability of the Secretariat staff. The Secretariat staff should strengthen their business knowledge learning, understand and be familiar with the national marine policies and the operating rules and methods of charitable public welfare organizations, and constantly improve their business literacy. It is necessary to enhance the ability to organize and formulate the project implementation plan of the Foundation, the ability to organize, coordinate and utilize resources, and the ability of language expression, writing, organization and coordination and practical operation.

          The meeting was held with an atmosphere of unity and earnest, seriousness and liveliness, which gathered consensus and strength, clarified tasks, strengthened responsibilities, enhanced confidence and solidified the foundation for the work of the Foundation Secretariat in the new concept, new stage and new pattern.

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