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          The Academy of the Future Ocean invites Secretary-General Pan Xinchun of China Oceanic Development Foundation to Give Academic Lecture
          date:2021-06-02   from:Ocean University of China   author:Jiangjing Jiangnan

          On the morning of May 17, the Academy of the Future Ocean has invited Mr. Pan Xinchun, Deputy President and Secretary-General of China Oceanic Development Foundation, to give an academic lecture entitled "Communication on Building a Maritime Potestatem" in Room A409, Marine Science and Technology Building of Laoshan Campus in Ocean University of China. Xiang Youquan, Deputy Secretary-General of China Oceanic Development Foundation, Wang Min, Director of the office (Finance Department), and Jin Tianyu, Director of the Liberal Arts Department of the University, attended the lecture. Professor Li Jianping, President of the Academy, presided over the lecture, which was attended by more than 60 students from the Academy of the Future Ocean and related colleges.

          Secretary-General Pan gave a systematic introduction from six aspects: marine space, marine economy, marine governance, marine science and technology, international affairs and marine defense. He analyzed the advantages of China in the institutional, market, industrial system and political stability under the unstable factors of the international situation and elaborated China's wisdom and role under the unprecedented changes in the past century. Later, Secretary-General Pan introduced the development of eight major projects of China Oceanic Development Foundation. The Foundation has been fully serving the cultivation of talents and helping with the construction of a maritime potestatem through projects such as Maritime Silk Road, dialogue and exchange, and maritime rights education. Secretary-General Pan affirmed the position of Ocean University of China in the field of marine research, pointed out that the Academy of the Future Ocean would have a long way to advance with a glorious mission, and China Oceanic Development Foundation would fully support the Academy of the Future Ocean and cooperate with it in the training of high-end talents. After that, Secretary-General Pan had an interactive exchange with the students on the spot. The students actively and enthusiastically asked questions, and Secretary-General Pan answered them one by one in detail. The atmosphere on the spot was lively and warm.

          Finally, President Li expressed his gratitude to Secretary-General Pan for his wonderful lecture and pointed out that accelerating the construction of a maritime potestatem is an inevitable choice to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. The President also encouraged students to shoulder the mission of national development and the responsibility of the times, seize opportunities, meet challenges, be ambitious and with best knowledge, making contributions to the national maritime potestatem strategy.

          Correspondents: Jiang Jing, Jiang Nan

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