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          Successful Acceptance of Marine Ecological Restoration Project in Sanyu Reclamation Area of Jiaocheng District in Ningde City of Fujian Province
          date:2021-06-29   from:CODF   author:Original

          Recently, the marine ecological restoration project of Sanyu Reclamation Area of Jiaocheng District in Ningde City of Fujian Province ("Sanyu Marine Ecological Restoration Project"), funded by the Special Fund for the Development and Protection of Strait Resources of China Oceanic Development Foundation with RMB 14 million, has completed the acceptance. The project was implemented in December 2019 and jointly completed by China Oceanic Development Foundation, Fujian Provincial Department of Ocean and Fisheries, Ningde City Department of Ocean and Fisheries and Jiaocheng District People's Government of Ningde City.

          In recent years, Ningde City has thoroughly implemented the instruction of "more big projects, more golden achievements" put forward by General Secretary Xi Jinping during his inspection in 2010 and has successively hatched and cultivated a large number of high-quality leading enterprises with a market value of 100 billion, such as Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Limited (CATL) and SAIC Motor Corporation Limited (SAIC Group), creating a remarkable "Ningde Speed" in just a few years with "Ningde Temperature" full of catching-up passion.

          To provide strong ecological environment support for local economic and social development and make local people feel the sense of gain, experience and happiness brought by "high-quality development", China Oceanic Development Foundation has decided to carry out a marine ecological restoration project in the Sanyu Reclamation Area of Jiaocheng District that is a cluster of high-quality enterprises, and be committed to making Sanyu marine ecological restoration project a model to realize the theory of "clear waters and green mountains are invaluable assets".

          Sanyu marine ecological restoration project is about 15 km away from Ningde City, located in Sanyu Village of Qidu Town and Yundan Village of Badu Town in the north of Jiaocheng District. The project mainly includes the construction of ecological seawall (about 5.5 km dikes in total in the east, south and north), the off-site replanting of mangroves, the marine biological resources replenishment and landscape construction, etc.

          ※ Ecological seawall restoration

          A total of 4083.5 m of wave-proof walls combined with flower ponds are built and 2637.8 m2 of flower shrubs are planted. The greening area of the backwater slope is 28,536 m2, and about 26,000 trees and shrubs are planted.

          This project includes rebuilding the ecological restoration of the south dike, the vegetation ecological restoration of the riprap area at the foot of the dike and the tidal flat wetland ecosystem, in which the vegetation ecological restoration of the riprap area at the foot of the dike is a reed planting project, with a restoration area of 3401.8 m2; the ecological system of tidal flat wetland has been reconstructed to eliminate the invasive species spartina alterniflora outside the embankment by 2000 m2, and mangroves are planted in some tidal flat areas by 2129.9 m2.

          ※ Mangroves replanting in offshore outside the dike

          In the project, 1.8 hectares of mangroves are replanted in the offshore area outside the dike with a planting density of 37,500 plants/hectare. The seedlings are kandelia candel hypocotyl seedlings.

          ※ Marine biological resources replenishment

          A total of about 7.81 million sea bream fry, ayu fry and weever fry are replenished in the waters around the project area.

          ※ Landscape construction

          Colored asphalt concrete pavement of 21000 m2 is paced; Additional twelve 2-meter connecting trails are completed; More night lights along the line are furnished as well as linear lights and projection lights.

          The Sanyu Marine Ecological Restoration Project is a public welfare project that China Oceanic Development Foundation has invested the most in such projects in recent years. During the acceptance process, the acceptance expert group agrees that the implementation of this project has effectively improved the ecosystem of Sanyu seawall, increased the ecological value and effectively reduced the impact of human development activities on Sanyu seawall on the sea ecosystem. The project has not only achieved the purpose of beautifying the environment of Sanyu seawall but also protected the biodiversity of the sea ecosystem effectively, providing high-quality environmental support for enterprises such as SAIC Motor Passenger Car Base and acting as a brilliant demonstration role in ecological restoration of large seawall in China.

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