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          Dedicated to Blue Sea and Bright Sky | | Zhang Tao: Public Welfare Highlights Persistence, while Persistence Is Synonymous with Success
          date:2021-06-29   from:CODF   author:Original

          The 5th National Clean Beach Public Welfare Activity in 2021

          will kick off on September 11th

          To get the public to participate more in the protection of the ocean

          China Oceanic Development Foundation (CODF) has invited the people engaged in marine public welfare

          to write down their stories of connection with the Beach Cleanup Activity

          Dedicated to Blue Sea and Bright Sky!

          Zhang Tao

          He is "the most beautiful environmental protection volunteer", "the national low-carbon pioneer" and "the head of Friends Of Green China Tianjin, an NGO environmental protection organization", having been dedicated to environmental protection for 20 years.

          By: Zhang Tao

          It is a wonderful thing to think about writing a love letter to the blue sea and bright sky. We wrote flamboyant love letters when we were young, but today I want to write some words from my heart to the sea and sky. One of my hobbies is playing chess, and both "checkmate" and "advancing pawn" are chess terms. "Checkmate" is the way to win the victory, and "advancing pawn" is every inconspicuous step. This year makes the twentieth year of me becoming an environmental protection volunteer and the fifth year of my participation in the National Clean Beach Public Welfare Activity of China Oceanic Development Foundation. What I want to say most to the blue sea and the bright sky most is: Though you are unable to checkmate for ten years, you have to advance pawns every day. In the past 20 years, people who are keen on China's marine environmental protection have come and gone, but few can persist. Perhaps I cannot take great causes and projects to improve the environment vigorously, but I firmly believe that as long as I insist on small things in environmental protection and move forward step by step, there will always be a harvest in the end. Persistence is synonymous with success.

          Beautiful China has a coastline of 18,000 kilometers with more than 40% of China's population gathering nearby. Humans have created all kinds of marine garbage floating in the sea or waterways, some of which stay on the beach, while others float on the surface or sink to the bottom. Under the threat of marine garbage and other pollution, the ecology of China's coastline is in jeopardy.

          To unite the social love of the oceanic public welfare and enhance the national awareness of protecting the marine environment, Let's work together to advocate green civilization and practice green actions, securing our future generations the real blue sea and bright sky. What I want to write to the blue sea and bright sky is "persistence".

          On September 11th, 2021,“5th National Clean Beach Public Welfare Activity”will be held in coastal provinces and cities across China.We sincerely invite you to work with us,contribute to the construction of a beautiful China and the beautiful ocean, and present a gift for the centenary of the great Communist Party of China.

          Scan QR code for application

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