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          Dedicated to Blue Sea and Bright Sky | | Tang Zailin: Wearing Blue Vests, We Will Return the Blue Sea and Bright Sky to the City
          date:2021-07-08   from:CODF   author:Original

          The 5th National Clean Beach Public Welfare Activity in 2021

          will kick off on September 11th

          To get the public to participate more in the protection of the ocean

          China Oceanic Development Foundation (CODF) has invited the people engaged in marine public welfare

          to write down their stories of connection with the Beach Cleanup Activity

          Dedicated to Blue Sea and Bright Sky!

          Tang Zailin

          Joined the volunteer team in 2002 and became the first "volunteer" in Dalian; Awarded the title of "Advanced Individual in Environmental Publicity and Education in Dalian" for six consecutive years; Awarded the second prize of "Marine Guardian" by the Publicity and Education Center of the State Oceanic Administration in the beach cleanup.

          By: Tang Zailin

          Dalian, with its unique geographical location,

          Has one-tenth of the coastline of China.

          The city, nestled beside the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea,

          Occupies seven-tenths of the seashore in Liaoning.

          The sea, with an open mind,

          While welcomes the arrival of thousands of rivers,

          It also embraces garbage and dirty pollution.

          I often think of the beaches in my childhood, where we collecting seaweed, catching shrimps and crabs, and picking up shells. But looking at the beaches and seawater now, they are filled with facial tissues, cigarette butts, plastic bags and melon peels. Since the first day of its establishment, the team of environmental protection volunteers has shouldered the responsibility of protecting the marine environment.

          In the past 18 years, from the launch of the first marine beach cleanup project by Chinese NGOs to the first research of marine microplastics garbage, the team has never stopped.

          From May to October in the seaside city, with a lot of tourists coming and going, the beaches are constantly filled with domestic garbage. We pick up the garbage, collect the data, conduct refuse classification investigation, and propagate environmental protection, over and over again. The marine garbage cleaning work is like cleaning at home which will never stop, like sweat on the forehead, wiping off but reappearing. No matter it’s the extremely hot summer or cold winter, we persist and persevere, day after day, year after year.

          Volunteers dressed in blue vests fighting along the coastline of 2,000 kilometers add a beautiful blue landscape to the lovely coastal city.

          With the strong support of the China Oceanic Development Foundation,

          beach cleanup activities are being carried out in a way of more formal and professional, more in-depth and extensive,

          presenting a sound situation that the whole society is promoting the construction of marine ecological civilization. It also has driven enterprises, businesses, schools and individuals to create a brand-new image of China's marine environmental protection and to jointly guard the environmental security of the national blue territory.

          CODF Gives Us Motivation, Opportunities and Resources. Today, Facing the Sea, with Our Heart Surging, We Solemnly Promise to Commit Our Firm Pledge to Protect the Mother Sea!

          On September 11th, 2021,“5th National Clean Beach Public Welfare Activity”will be held in coastal provinces and cities across China.We sincerely invite you to work with us,contribute to the construction of a beautiful China and the beautiful ocean, and present a gift for the centenary of the great Communist Party of China.

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