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          Dedicated to Blue Sea and Bright Sky - Liu Yuying: As long as the Ocean Is There, We Will Be There
          date:2021-07-14   from:CODF   author:Original

          The 5th National Clean Beach Public Welfare Activity in 2021

          will kick off on September 11th

          To get the public to participate more in the protection of the ocean

          China Oceanic Development Foundation (CODF) has invited the people engaged in marine public welfare

          to write down their stories of connection with the Beach Cleanup Activity

          Dedicated to Blue Sea and Bright Sky!

          20210714 劉鈺瀅.jpg

          Liu Yuying

          HandsOn Shanghai Volunteer Work Service Center

          By: Liu Yuying

          Our organization (HandsOn Shanghai) has started the beach cleanup project since 2012, which connects us with the volunteers and the ocean. This year sees the ninth year of the project, and it will continue in the future. As long as the ocean is there, we will be there.

          In the years of engaging in public advocacy and public participation in beach cleanup, our project managers are daily asked,

          "When will the beach cleanup start again?"

          "I have participated in a beach cleanup before. May I bring in my family to sign up for the next one?"

          "It’s getting warm. Shall we go to the beach to do the cleanup?"

          As you can see, our daily work is to respond to the public's enthusiasm for participating in beach cleanup.

          At each cleanup site, many people are sweated in the activity: primary school students wearing the uniforms of "Little Ocean Guardian" and squatting at the gaps of the protective embankment to try to reach the "invisible" marine garbage fragments, and volunteers chanting the song in unison, trying to pull out the abandoned fishing nets buried deep in the mud. We had records of corporate volunteer teams who insist on beach cleanup despite the toughest weather; we have experienced a hot scene of more than 400 people participating in one single event; there was a special group of mentally challenged youths who are considered as the disadvantaged and invited to participate in the beach cleanup to complete the cleanup of the entire beach environment with the support of volunteers; there were foreigners living in Shanghai who also come to the scene to contribute to the local coastline. Whenever we think about these activities and beautiful moments, we will be full of passion and enthusiasm once again and make better plans and arrangements for the next and future beach cleanup.

          In 2018, we had the honor to establish a connection with China Oceanic Development Foundation. Thanks to the project platform of China Oceanic Development Foundation, we are able to connect with our sister organizations on marine conservation nationwide such as the annual Oceanic Theme Event in September, the Beautiful Ocean Public Welfare Action, various communication meetings, and so on. What we feel is that no one organization is "fighting alone". Nor has any coastline has been neglected or left out. All of us and the organizations are working hard to make the sea and the sky better.

          Here, I would like to say to every reader that wherever you are, and no matter whether there is a coastline near you or not, you can join us to support, care and protect the ocean together. By paying attention to the public welfare projects, participating in beach cleanup activities as possible as you can, and consciously influencing people around you from the change of your daily habits, you have a lot to do and to achieve. Please remember, you can be part of force behind every good change. Your actions deserve to be recorded, praised and promoted, even if they are just the indirect factors that trigger the change.

          We are also looking forward to more of you joining the ranks of the "Marine Guardian" in the future, going to the local coastline with us, standing on the coastline in person, embracing the sea breeze and safeguarding the blue sea and sky everywhere. We will be always waiting for you here.

          On September 11th, 2021,“5th National Clean Beach Public Welfare Activity”will be held in coastal provinces and cities across China.We sincerely invite you to work with us,contribute to the construction of a beautiful China and the beautiful ocean, and present a gift for the centenary of the great Communist Party of China.

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