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        1. Our Programs

          Marine Spatial Planning Academy

          The Marine Spatial Planning Academy (MSPA) was established by the China Oceanic Development Foundation. It is an open cooperation platform of non-independent legal person composed of domestic research institutes, universities and enterprises engaged in marine spatial planning research.

          The main mission of the Marine Spatial Planning Academy (MSPA) is to carry out research on the theory, methods, standards and technologies of ocean space planning, provide technical support for the establishment and improvement of the territorial space planning system, carry out international cooperation in ocean space planning, and focus on advancing cooperation in marine space planning for the countries and island nations along the Maritime Silk Road.

          The  Marine Spatial Planning Academy was established on December 2, 2018, and the Secretariat is attached to the National Ocean Technology Center. There are currently 14 member units:

          First Institute of Oceanography,MNR

          Second Institute of Oceanography,MNR

          Third Institute of Oceanography,MNR

          Fourth Institute of Oceanography,MNR

          National Marine Data and Information Service

          National Ocean Technology Center(Secretariat)

          National Marine Environmental Monitoring Center

          Island Research Center , MNR

          Ocean University of China

          Xiamen University

          CCCC Water Transportation Consultants Co.,Ltd.

          CNOOC Research Institute

          Tus-Design Group Co.,Ltd.

          Fujian Institute of Oceanography

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